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ARTKIVE: The #1 solution for preserving and celebrating kids' art!

Having kids means having a lot of artwork!  And if you are a sentimental person, it’s hard to get rid of your child’s artwork without feeling guilty, and if you are a neat freak, you most likely can’t handle the clutter! 

What to do?  

That’s when Artkive comes in.  Artkive is a parent-run business that transforms your kids’ artwork into beautiful hardcover books.

They’ve helped over 400,000 families preserve over 12 million pieces of art for nearly a decade and they are all about celebrating your children’s creativity and helping you tackle the piles of art at home.

Artkive sends you a starter kit to send in your children’s artwork. Then the Artkive team professionally photographs and edits every piece of art you send, including 3D and oversize art.

Your art is insured for your peace of mind, and you can have it returned to you if you want or you can also add in a USB with all of your digital files for long-term safekeeping, and so you can share them however you’d like

Artkive can also turn your art into a custom framed mosaic to hang on the wall, which is such a great way to boost creative confidence.

The best part is that you can keep your children’s artwork with you without all the clutter and to be able to enjoy it whenever you want!

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